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Why buying and not renting
Calculate the cost of your financing:

   - How much will I have to pay per month?
   - How much money do I need to have before buying?
   - What interest rate should I choose? fixed or variable
   - What tenor? 15, 20, or 30 years

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conseil achat immobilier- Are you at the first stage of your buying decision? The only thing you are sure about is that you want to buy but you do not know when or even if you can. I confirm you if you can or cannot so that you do not take any risk, I advice you about when you will be able to buy, how much money you need to have and the maximum value of your appartment.

réflexion achat immobilier- Detailed explanation of the buying process from the beginning until the end. I answer all your questions. Are you lost? the only thing you know is that you want to buy but you do not understand anything? Fixed interest rate or variable interest rate? 15, 20 or 30 years? What is the better bank to get the financing from? The banks' offer in the market is very large and it may change from one bank to another one. Furthermore, everyone's profile is different. In any case, the election you make of your bank and the financing conditions may make you save or waste a lot of money. Do not forget that through a financing you marry your bank for the next 15 / 20 / or 30 years.

conseil achat immobilier- I meet the banks to bring you at least two credit offers and I do a first negotiation for you. So a s to make you save a lot of time and money. The effort to be done by you at a latter stage will be minimal. I also coach you about how doing this second negotiation. We just need to know some basic data about you and tell you how to highlight your strenghts such as possible guarantees, collateral, etc. Do not forget that any bank offer can be negotiated, you just need to know how.

We will contact you in a maximum of 24 hours to fix a meeting.

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