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My Services as Financial Coach:

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Why buying and not renting
Calculate the cost of your financing:

   - How much will I have to pay per month?
   - How much money do I need to have before buying?
   - What interest rate should I choose? fixed or variable
   - What tenor? 15, 20, ou 30 years

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My services include:

1 : Personal financial evaluation. Validation of your buying process.

- Your buying decision, is it reasonable? Should I buy?

- The buying price, is it affordable? Otherwise, when will I be able to buy?

2 : Definition of terms.

- Detailed explanation of the buying process. From the beginning to the signature of the bank loan.

- Answer to all your questions, meaning of financial terms : what is the difference between fixed and variable interest rate? what is more suitable ? How to calculate the total cost of a loan?, etc.


- I meet the banks to bring you at least 2 offers and do a first negotiation for you. So that you save time and money. I will provide you with at least 2 credit offers. These offers will be the result of a first negotiation with banks. The effort to be done by you at a latter stage will be minimal.

4 : Other questions.


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