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I am your financial coach. I have always developed my experience in the bank industry, but in special in the credit arena. Today I have a position of responsibility in an international bank. I have gone through the real estate buying process several times and I have also accompanied friends and familiy in this process. I know what you have to do in order to save time and money and succeed in your financing.

My vocation for the financial coach started when I realised that there were a lot of people who were lost when they decided to buy an appartment. The only thing they were sure about is that they wanted to buy, but they did not know if they could afford it, when they could afford it or how to go through the process. I also realized that we also feel he need to validate the buying decision with someone. Just to talk to someone. Sometimes we also need someone to push us to go through this process.

One of my competitive advantages compared to those that might offer the same service is that I propose a 100% tailor-made service. Another competitive advantage is my full independence from banks and real estate agencies.


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